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Your catering needs will be expertly provided Impressions Gourmet Catering. Their delectable menu is sure to provide whatever your food and beverage needs may be.

Impressions Gourmet Catering

Impressions Gourmet Catering has been serving the Inland Empire communities for 20 years and their decades of experience and expertise will more than satisfy not only your taste buds, but they are sure to fit into your scope and budget as well.

Click here for the Impressions Gourmet Catering Menu

Victoria Gardens Center Café

If your event needs something a little simpler than a fully catered meal, the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center Café offers light options, such as basic beverage service along with delectable breakfast pastries or that perfect afternoon snack break from a long productive meeting. Click here to see the Café menu.

Alcohol Service

Impressions Gourmet Catering will be happy to pour your next drink! Alcohol services are flexible and dynamic based on what your needs are. Whether you want to host or have a cash bar, beer and wine or full top shelf liquor, Impressions' expert bartenders will be ready to mix it up for you!

For events that choose to serve alcohol at their event an additional deposit, security and an insurance premium will be required.

For rules regarding alcohol use at your event, please see the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center Alcohol Use Requirements.

For more information, contact Event Services at (909) 477-2773

Catering Menus

Impressions Gourmet Catering Menu Cultural Center Cafe Menu