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Bob & Bing - The Road Back to Cucamonga!

They're back! Bob & Bing return in an all new show, "The Road Back to Cucamonga" with Bing's songbook full of hit tunes and Bob's joke book full of Hope. Starring Lynn Roberts and Bob Pasch as Bob and Bing, these jokesters will delight you with their witty repartee and new duet. The pair are once again joined by legendary radio guest stars Jack Benny, Red Skelton and Jimmy Durante. Presented as a 1940's NBC broadcast, "The Road Back to Cucamonga" offers audiences another opportunity to return to the golden days of radio. General: Gold Level - $23.00 Silver Level - $18.50 Senior: Gold Level - $21.00 Silver Level - $18.50 (Apron Seating Available)

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Sun, Apr 28, 20132:00 PMBuy Tickets!

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